Friday, April 27, 2018

Timberland Forest... The Beginning

In January of 2016 I purchased twenty acres of land with an address of Macomb, Oklahoma. Now Macomb, Oklahoma is a small town with a population of 33 people in the year of 2014. The town does house a post office that is open only until noon, a school which buses in children from the neighboring farms and one convenience store. To say that I live in Macomb would be misleading as I actually live six miles due west. Now you know more than you probably want to about where I live.
Onto my place and how it got its name. When I first bought my place I couldn’t move on to it. Although it had electric poles, there was no electricity hooked up. And although it had a well pipe going into the ground there was no pump nor bladder or any of the other good stuff that brought you water.
But the first priority was making it where you could actually walk on my place. You see it was covered in briars, thorns, bushes, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. And yes I am very sensitive to all three poisons.
Since I am an author, I was writing a middle grade novel and the forest inside the book was called Timberland Forest. Thus, this is how my property got its name.
I’m pleased to have you along as Timberland Forest grows from an inhabitable twenty acres to the vision I have in my mind.

K-Trina Meador, aka, K. Meador


  1. How many acres, K-Trina? I have close to 15 acres, and it is a constant joy - even if it keeps me busy. Hope you enjoy your new place, too.

    1. 20 acres here and it does keep me pretty busy. Hope you are doing well Maureen. Australia treating you well?



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