Sunday, April 22, 2018

A girl and her dog story....

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in the country. In October of 2017 when she was out doing last minute farming before cold weather hit when she looked up to see a dog sitting on his haunches staring at her. She stopped the tractor and the two regarded each other. After a couple of minutes the dog ran to her side and although he enjoys wandering through the woods he always comes home to her. She named him Falkor….

April 21, 2018
It is a cold and dreary April day. The temperature at its highest is 48 degrees F combined with slow and steady rain all day. It is the kind of day you hunker down inside your home with a good book to read (or to write) and vegetate.

I went outside only twice. Once for a grocery store run and the other to move Falkor’s feed dish out of the rain. He came running up to me wet from head to tail. His blonde hair now fully brown from the sand he had been playing in. With a large grin he started pouncing towards me as he does when he wants to play chase. But it is raining and I am human, so I didn’t play chance with my big-hearted puppy. I filled his dog food dish with food and went back inside.

April 22, 2018
The rain has stopped but it is still chilly. I went outside to check on Falkor’s food and found the dish to be covered in sand. I chuckle. When I poured it out, there was still half a bow of food under the sand.

Silly dog!

I clean his bowl and put more dog food in there hoping it won’t be covered in sand tomorrow.

The adventures of a girl and her dog to be continued....until then, hug a dog or better yet be adopted by one.
K-Trina and Falkor

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