Monday, May 15, 2017

Welcome to Timberland Forest

Timberland Forest

Probably not the kind of blog post you expected to find here but I feel that I need to digress from the writing process for a bit. Just a little background before starting this post. I am single and most of this work has been completed either a) by myself or (b) with the assistance of a few friends.
In January of 2016, I purchased twenty acres of land. It is beautiful and 95% of it is covered in trees from four feet high to forty feet high. And shrubs. And thorns. Oh, and let me not forget to mention the poison oak which I am highly allergic too.
Some people pay to go on vacation to a place that I go home to everyday and I love it. I bought a 32’ fifth wheel and placed it on the land to live in as my land improvements take place.

I bought me a John Deere tractor with a front end loader, brush hog and box blade. I enjoy working with it every day, weather permitting. Clearing the land has been a challenge because it is a small forest; however, I do have a front yard now even though it is still dirt… and poison oak. One day I will have beautiful grass where once only dirt is now.

Where my house is going. 
This area was cleared by my neighbor who owns a bulldozer. The area around it was so thick with briers, shrubs and small trees that I instantly went to work clearing around where I am going to build my house - um, castle? - I'm still in the deciding mode. Anyway here are a couple of finished pictures. 

My front yard after the clearing

Stay tuned, if you are interested, next post will be about getting water set up on the Timberland Forest. Where most people have water on their place when they buy theirs, I had to install my own. 

About me: 
I am single and enjoying living out in the country in Oklahoma. Which makes sense since I was raised on seventy acres in Texas. I drove a tractor prior to a car. During my teenage years I assisted my father and mother in building their rock home from scratch. My parents owned their own business in carpet laying, carpet cleaning and vinyl installation which we were a part of as needed. By the time I was sixteen years old, my father allowed me to go on carpet cleaning jobs on my own. Without the experiences of my childhood, I wouldn't be able to tackle the adventure of these next few posts about Timberland Forest. 

After high school, I attended a technical school to learn how to be an aircraft mechanic. It was a field that would soon bring rewards of its own that I could not have imagined. I am currently still in the aviation industry by working as an aircraft inspector. 

In addition, I love to write. I feel I am still finding my way in that field and hope you will give my books a try if you are interested. I write for both adults and children. Find out more on this blog or on my website: