Friday, January 13, 2017

A beautiful sight is jumper cables... read more

Good morning to you all,

It is a brisk January Friday the thirteenth morning, and weather reports warning about freezing rain expected today. Before I go into the heart of this story let me back up to a “the other day” story. If you are from the country lingo you already understand that the phrase “the other day” could mean five minutes ago, two weeks ago, or ten years ago….

This “other day” started approximately two months ago. When driving to get gas an unseen small object on the road cut both my tires on the right side - at the same time! Yeah, I was not a happy camper.

Thankfully a friend of mine passed by and stopped. She happened to have a 4 x 4 truck which is great too! (Women and their Trucks equals Sexy) We hooked my trailer up to my truck (she didn’t have the right size ball), loaded my car and got it home. With both tires needing replacement and the holiday season upon me, money seemed to come and go without having the extra to get new tires.

It was then I started driving my 2006 Dodge Truck half ton. I love my truck. It was the first brand new vehicle (with only 45 miles on it when I bought it) I have ever owned. His name is Big Red.

Two days ago Big Red turned over to 180,000 miles. And it died on me. At a red light. Thankfully, it started right back up.

My car sat on cinder blocks. Imagine the redneck scene of a car in blocks in your front yard. There ya go! Thankfully, my front yard is on twenty acres and neighbors do not live close. So I took my tires off, put them in my truck, praying my truck wouldn’t break down on me. Remember the ice storm is coming. My faithful truck came through once again.

Thank you to plastic to pay for the tires! Thinking I would get a jump on traffic, I left an hour early from work. WRONG. Big Sigh. Resignation.

You see, I live an hour from work. Yes, I drive two hours a day for work. Yes, I believe it is worth it. Yes, I love being a country girl.

By the time I got home, I had a little over an hour of daylight. I jacked the car very carefully as I watched the floor jack sink into the sand (that makes up 80% of my soil). I got the tire on and downjacked and repeated with the front tire. Feeling good, I went over to the other side and saw both left tires low.

I shall not be defeated because, alas, this country girl has a portable air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

After finished with the tires, I tried to start the car. Tried is the key word here. The battery was dead.

Deep breath. Daylight is vanishing. But I am a prepared country girl who has jumper cables and Big Red. I looked under the backseat for my set of jumper cables. They weren’t there.

I looked at my car. They had to be in the trunk. I knew the electric switch wouldn’t work to open the trunk so I went to use the key. Yup, you guessed it. My brand new car a Chevy Cruze whom I named Tom (Top Gun, Tom Cruze) did not have a key hole for the trunk. Now what?

I unlocked the back door hoping the backseat opened and breathed a sigh of relief when it did. A beautiful sight is jumper cables when you have a dead battery. I got the resurrected the battery and Tom started…like a champ. Then I noticed the low gas message.

The nearest gas station is ten miles away. Remember the ice storm is coming right? I said a quick prayer and off I went. I made it but everywhere I looked I saw cars and trucks. In line. To get gas. I waited and was finally rewarded when my car made it to a gas pump.

When I stepped out of Tom, this very nice young man walked up to me, tipped his hat and asked if he could assist me in filling my car. When was the last time you received service like that? This gas station is notorious for that. Since it was cold, I took him up on the offer relishing a moment of realizing this ordeal is almost over. Remember the ice storm is coming.  

The moral of the story? Don’t sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff. Life won’t always go the way you plan but it seems to always work out one way or another. Let life be good even on the stressful days.

Oh and remember the ice storm? It wasn’t a storm but more like a light rain shower in 22 degrees giving the possibility of slick roads. Ice Storm for Oklahoma.


K-Trina Meador