Sunday, May 1, 2016

Book Review: Princess Alexia and the Dragon by B. B. Jordan #BookBoost



Follow Princess Alexia as she and her brave dog, Zoey, embark on a mission to confront a fire-breathing dragon. She hopes to do what her father’s soldiers could not, capture the dragon so another Ample Apple Orchard celebration would not be attacked and the land set ablaze. 

When Princess Alexia faces her adversary, she is frightened, but her fears abate once she and Titus, the dragon, begin talking. Can she convince Titus to stop plaguing her father’s kingdom, and will the festival be celebrated without fear of destruction? 

Review by B.B. Jordan

How do you survive a possible scorching from a fire breathing dragon during the Gravetteville Ample  Apple Orchard celebration? Find that dragon of course! K. Meader spins a tale of courage as Princess Alexia flees her rule abiding governess to face the dragon with her dog Zoey by her side.

In a time where princess books for young girls are all the rage, it’s refreshing to find a story about a young girl her own seeking adventure. Alexia is brave, froward, and fearless and as she takes matters into her owns hands discovers that anyone can be misunderstood, including fire breathing dragons.

Readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations while parents will appreciate the story within a story format that teaches not one, but two little girls the value of sharing with others.Girls of any age are sure to relish the exploits of the daring and adventurous Princess Alexia.