Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I won't be a willing victim because...

So, I am sitting here on my day off thinking about life in general. I feel many things are being taken away from us, as individuals. Or at least they are trying to be. One thing I am not willing to let go of is my freedom of choice.

I saw on my Facebook newsfeed a woman who said, “Why do so many people want to keep guns around anyway? I don’t understand what the big deal is about having less guns.”

Well, random lady on Facebook who appeared on my newsfeed I will tell you that guns is a big deal. Because criminals will get guns regardless of the “gun control law”. I want the choice to protect myself and my family. I will not be a willing victim.

Criminals are called that because they don’t follow the law. Taking my choice of having or not having a gun away will not suddenly make criminals want to obey the law. They scoff at the idea.

Also I grew up in the country when guns were needed to kill deadly animals – like rattlesnakes, copperheads, coyotes, panthers, and wild boars.

I am, once again, about to move back into the country where having a gun will protect me from deadly animals. I will also be traveling alone 45 miles one way to work. If I break down, I want protection. Lawful protection. Because police aren’t around the corner when you are traveling. Yes, it is my choice to live in the country just as it is your choice to live where you do. It is also my choice to have a concealed hand gun nearby when I follow the laws. My choice; not yours.

Choices. I want my choices. I don’t want them taken away.

In addition, I am tired of the processed and chemically induced foods we are forced to buy. There is nothing better than having fresh meat in the freezer which is taken legally. Have you ever been to a facility that kills animals? That is cruelty.

Hunting for food is not. Pigs, deer, beef, and chickens – what would happen to us if we went back to using fresh meat and veggies?

We’d probably be a healthier nation that is less dependent on sugar and caffeine. Of course this is only my opinion.

So for lady on Facebook who I have no idea how you ended up on my newsfeed, continue, if you must, to live in the land of naivety. I, for one, will not and I will fight to keep my right to choose. 

K-Trina Meador

Mr. President: Disarm ISIS, not Us.
Today America is at war with ISIS. They attack our soldiers, our homeland and our friends. When our law abiding citizens need to protect our streets and communities most, President Obama chooses this same moment to limit OUR gun rights. This is my response to his unbelievable position. Mr. President: Disarm ISIS, not Us.
Posted by Elbert Lee Guillory on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


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