Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I am not posting any resolutions this year; however, I will be thinking on how to connect with my readers on a more personal note. 
New Year’s Eve brought us a day where Charles and I had to go into work. Thankfully, we were let off early and got home around 6:30 p.m., both of us happy that we had no plans.
With the television on as mostly background noise, Charles processed the venison into summer sausage, jerky, burger, and more. I much prefer fresh venison, beef, and chicken rather than buying it from a store.
As the night progressed, the fireworks started and our wonderful dogs Pete and Nicco were scared and wouldn't leave our sides. During this time, I spent some time browsing the internet looking at blogs, and reading and thinking about what 2016 will bring.

Let us talk reading, and writing now. The opportunities that are available to people are overwhelming to become an author if that is your heart’s desire. Over 3000 books a day are uploaded to Amazon and although it is an awesome platform to get your books on, it is difficult to get noticed. 
I came across this blog post and thought the author of the blog post said it well. The post is long so if you want to read the full article click here. Otherwise here is a short recap of its meaning. 

The Ugly Truth of Publishing
and How to Support Writers

By Kristen Lamb

Feel free to buy used books but if you can, please see if you can buy new from the author. The reason is that those sales can make the difference in that author earning out the advance, selling out a print run, and getting their next book contract.
Because used bookstores do not favor self-published and indie authors. Most of their stock will be traditionally published authors so you (readers) supporting who you like with a new sale becomes far more important to that writer’s future and career.
I get that a lot of people buy used because they are on a budget. Been there so *fist bump*. You can still support writers in meaningful ways.
Even if you don't buy new, there is another way you can support writers you love. Write a REVIEW. A GOOD ONE.
As a writer I have a personal policy. If I can’t say something good, I shut up. Mainly because I AM far more picky about story being a writer and an editor but also this business is brutal. If we are not supporting each other? Who will? Because our families don’t get us. Our significant others might. Our kids think we are nuts. So I only leave glowing reviews. But that is me. Writers shouldn’t eat their young.
For READERS. Reviews are more important now than ever before, especially for the indie and self-published author. The reason is that with the change in the publishing paradigm, the slush pile (unfortunately) has been dumped into the reader’s lap. There are a lot of bad books out there. But even then, that really isn’t all that big of a problem.
Want to know the bigger problem?
There are a lot of good books out there.
Readers are essential to our success beyond just the sale. If you love our books, your promotion means a thousand times more than any ad I could pay for.
Secondly, when you review us, Amazon favors our books in the algorithms meaning more people SEE our book. More people SEE it, odds are I will sell more copies. In the on-line world YOU have the power to get US that awesome front of the store book placement. The more reviews the better the algorithm. Better algorithm, more views. More views, more sales, more sales—>we make a best-seller LIST!
You can also use your social media because it means more than ours.
Take a picture of our book. Put it on Facebook. People in your network ARE noticing. Peer review and approval is paramount in the digital age.

So, there it is. A glimpse into the modern day author’s struggle. I hope you will stay in touch during 2016 and when you read, please review. Thank you on behalf of all authors!


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