Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I thought it would be you by K. Meador #IndieLoveAPC @authorkmeador

it was but a moment in time; and yet I believed it would be you
you held my hand and stole a piece of my heart
you spoke to me, saying what I wanted to hear; I believed in us – in you
and now my heart is breaking because once we were together but now we are apart

words spoken by you were only there for that moment in time
it is no pain to you as you walk away and I, well, I look through tears as I thought it would be you
to be by your side to laugh, to cry, to speak, to grow, to enjoy life together for a lifetime
but as you walk away you just say, can we remain friends? When inside, cry is all I do

words of love turned cold, distant and mean; when it isn't my love it wants anymore
acting as though we didn’t laugh, we didn’t cry, we didn’t speak, we didn’t grow, that we weren’t true
so today I wake and breathe and pray for night and at night pray for day and in each moment the pain I ignore
until the memory of us fades away but once in a while I remember -I thought it would be you

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