Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Called to Be His Friend by K. Meador #IndieloveAPC

He walks among the stars
as we sleep a sound slumber
He makes the lightening and rain
He commands the thunder

He has made heaven and earth
too much for me to understand
but the greatest event that He ever made
is my soul’s redemption by taking my sin

Upon the tree at Calvary
He died so I can live
when the Truth came to me
I realized that I, along with Him,
died there at Calvary

Praising His name is what He deserves
giving ourselves completely to Him is His desire
It is He who came to serve
and it is now our time to serve Him

Having freedom is so hard to grasp
abundance of life He does give
but I latch onto the worries of this life
and forget my freedom through Him
I forget that my God is an awesome God

Take your cross daily and follow me
only comes through hard lessons taught everyday
letting control go and letting Him in
Brings to me an everlasting joy

Who on this earth knows me better than Him?
He has the hairs on my head numbered strand by strand
He knows my needs before I ask
so why do I go to Him in prayer?

He wants me as His daughter
He wants me as His child
but most of all I believe
He wants me as His friend

To talk with Him is to grow with Him
to read His Word is to know Him
How intimately He knows me
and how He wants me to know Him

He loves me so much
that He gave me the ability to choose
I choose to deny Him or not
to curse Him or not
to ignore Him or not

How my Father hates these choices
when the wrong one are chosen
‘cause everyday those that confess to know Him
choose to deny Him by being compliant
choose to curse Him by not rebuking His enemies
choose to ignore Him by choosing no prayer

Those who confess Him as Lord and Savior
is putting Him to death again everyday
by making choices that are against Him

Oh how I want to weep
when I examine my heart
why does He still hold tight to my heart
instead of letting my soul rot in hell

Because of His love that is complete
not lacking, not faltering, not wavering
The same yesterday, today and forever
being steady is His love
so steady on I go trying not to sin

Just as the stars have a name
and the ocean is known by Him
Just as He alone knows the end to space
I know that I know
I have a Savior who calls me His Friend.

His forgiveness is deep
as I turn to Him again and again weepin’

and I still hear Him calling me His Friend.

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