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Author Promo Co-op: Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone by Lynne #IndieLoveAPC

Planet Valkyrie carries a risky amount of Gravitas, a top secret aphrodisiac embedded in the Ritual Jewelry around her neck. Before she can trade it, she is attacked by an angry warrior from slave-holding Planet Roggr. Sybil lands on Earth—in the Forbidden Zone. Rescue is impossible, all portals are sealed. Can Sybil protect herself, shield her hazardous cargo and find a way home before the Gravitas destroys her?

What Reviewers are Saying:

I loved the plot of this amazing novella. It has a really, really unique concept of having a planet where women dominate men and they undertake several husbands to look after the estate and home affairs. Lynne Murray successfully created a unique world that is both believable and marvellous. It’s uniqueness really stood out and I was longing to be able to visit this wondrous place (but only if they’ll allow a human from earth to visit their planet!)
I loved the attention she paid to all the small details. Everything sounded so beautiful and real. The concept of humans worshiping the alien visitors was hilarious and interesting, I mean what if the world in the book is really ‘real’! God, that will be amazing!
The overall structure of the book is great and it keeps you glued to the book from staring to end.

I absolutely loved Val-Sybilla (a Valkyrian.) She is the strongest and the most independent female leads I’ve ever read. She is beautiful in her own way and I love this about her. The second character I loved in this book is Gelbrave. Initially I hated him but the author worked up her magic in showing his growth in the story. By the end I found him to be extremely humble and adorable.
Rest of the characters were also amazing and I was able to feel a connection with each one of them.

There was a lot of romance, or should I say, Gravitas propelled lust. Sybil carried around huge amount of Gravitas with her in a ritual jewellery and it made people get attracted to her sexually. So everyone kind of wanted to take her. But, the relationship between Josu and Sybil was beautiful. It was a true-love relationship and I loved the fact that he always supported her.

Lynne Murray’s writing is beautiful. It’s subtle and had an easy flow to it. I was lost in the story as soon as I started reading it. No complicated sentence-structures and no unnecessary tongue twisting words – just perfect.
At some points her subtle sense of humour made me laugh. It was a great experiences and for a novella, this book is amazing. Not too long, not too short, just the right length.

I loved the beginning, the first chapter started right in between a complex situation (as you can guess from the first line, see below) and then the author explains how they got there and then later picks up from there and tells what happens after that first scene. The structure of this books is so amazing that it’ll grip you right from the first page.

The ending is perfect. It had the right amount of drama, action, emotions and logic. I enjoyed it and it made me smile broadly after finishing the book.

Cover Art:
I love the cover art. It’s stylish and beautiful. And the red hair girl goes well with the description on Sybil. The colors on the cover really stand out. It’s one of the two reasons I read this book.

The blurb is intriguing and is the second reason for me to accept this book for review-The Reading Bud

"This book is too much fun to miss. I've read all of this wonderful author's earlier books and was happy to find a new one. Lynne Murray is skilled at creating gripping stories in multiple genres -- science fiction, fantasy, mystery/detective, romance, etc. As is true in all of her work, Gravitas is filled jokes that do literally make me laugh out loud and call people so I can read them the jokes so we can laugh together. As funny as Murray is, she is also brilliant and I am delighted by the evidence of her wide ranging intellect. In Gravitas Murray takes on the human tendency to create religions and deify weirdness when they don't destroy it. She creates in just a few strokes a variety of planetary societies that place in perspective various human habits and peculiarities. She creates a profession -- the xenopsychologists -- whose practitioners figure out the human species' deification preoccupation and understand why it is such a problem for the human inhabitants of our planet. In explaining this all, Murray takes us on a tour of historically and geographically based religious ideas and establishments. What a delightful take on religions. I am moved, amazed, and inspired by the number of social justice issues Murray includes in this short novel and the interconnectedness of those issues -- slavery, sexism, sexual expression, body image bigotry, peace, income distribution, and others. Not the positions she takes (I agree with her on all those issues) but the clarity and ease with which she interweaves them makes the reader (me, the reader) realize once again the redemptive power of the best science fiction/fantasy whether utopian or dystopian. I hope lots of people read this book and enjoy it as much as I did."-Susan Koppelman

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Author Promo Co-op: Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone by Lynne ...:

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