Sunday, August 23, 2015

#SundaySnippet On Top of the Rainbow

Today’s Sunday snippet comes from On Top of the Rainbow which was written for my grandson, Gabriel. This was my first children’s book. It is available in English or Spanish. Paperback, E-book, and audio book (through ITunes and Audible) are available too. 

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On Top of the Rainbow

A large boulder blocked the path. Gabe went around it and met with a strange critter. He jumped behind a bush, rubbed his knuckles over his eyes, and blinked. He stole another glance.

The critter sat at the base of the tree with its legs stretched out in front of it. Its head rolled to one side and sounds of a freight train rumbled from its nose. A steady stream of slobber drooled down its chin and dripped onto its shirt.

Gabe crept up to take a closer look. He noticed the critter had purple shoes, blue pants that stopped at the ankle, and a brown shirt with orange suspenders. Its arms were long and had bony fingers.

Beside the critter sat a huge black pot filled to the brim with shiny gold coins. Gabe’s eyes grew large at the sight. Curious to see more, he tiptoed towards the pot.

The critter’s eyes popped open. One was red and the other yellow. It stood up, placed its hands on its hips, and bellowed, “Halt!  Who goes there?!”

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