Sunday, August 16, 2015

#SundaySnippet #Christian #Thriller The Inner Chamber, work in progress, by K. Meador


My current work in progress: The Inner Chamber

Back of the Book

If I knew back then of the despair at this very moment, would I have traveled down the same path?  
Though I wasn’t at first, now I am alone. The man kidnapped me, drained me mentally, and weakened me physically. I realize it was my spirit all along he wanted to break. His game was forced upon me, but I choose not to participate anymore.  People have died due to the decisions I made. Still, more will perish; even me, but not yet. May God have mercy on my soul...
Alisa Graham                                                
Sometime after July 2016

Sunday Snippet taken from the first chapter of :

The Inner Chamber

Amariah turned, moved to the bed and watched Alisa’s weak, but steady breathing. She is beautiful even with the cuts, bruises, broken arm, dislocated knee, and head injury, Amariah thought.  
Earlier that day Alisa received a bath. The first one in twenty-three days. With care, the nurse worked tangles out of Alisa’s shoulder length brown hair and gave her ragged fingernails a manicure. Amariah sighed. He feared the bomb blast may have been the final act to break Alisa and struggled to hold back his tears.
Amariah smiled when his friend and leader of the Swordsmen entered the room. His gaze lingered on Alisa as he drawled, “I’d know that bitter, tangy aroma anywhere. How the heck are ya, Sandalphon?”
“There you go again. That aroma, as you call it, is the stench of demons dying in my presence. And do you really think you are some kind of Cowboy Angel since that Alisa resided in Texas?”
“Well…now, pard’ner,” Amariah pretended to tip a cowboy hat towards him, “I have ridden to rescue the damsel in distress plenty of times.” 
“Do you remember that line….let’s goes somethin’ like this…‘You wouldn’t last through a one night rodeo’. Yeah, that song fits you.”
“To ride a bull for eight seconds is overrated,” Amariah grinned.
Sandalphon gestured towards the bed, “How is Alisa?”
Amariah’s countenance grew somber, “Still with us.”
After a moment of pause, and in a cracked and subdued voice he continued, “They will come.”

“I know and we are here for you both. My team will arrive soon.”

Contents subject to change at any time barring edits from the author.... :) 

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