Thursday, August 20, 2015

Minterville, Georgia: Where havoc is about to take place... #indieloveapc

About Ice:

In Minterville, Georgia, the residents live in relative seclusion, partly to keep crime out of their small, tranquil community, and partly to prevent the world from finding out about The Minter, a form of telepathy that interconnects them and gives them a sense of unity.

Then The Minter, which cannot function in the presence of evil, stops working. Mayor Tom Watson suspects that two families who had recently moved to town have ties to Manuela Escribano (known as the Ice Queen), a prolific drug lord who, unbeknownst to the rest of Minterville, has a deadly score to settle with Tom.

No one, including Tom, has any idea how deep the Manuela's desire for revenge runs, until one Friday morning, twenty women disappear. When Manuela sends in a video detailing her diabolical plot to get revenge against Tom and the community that has harbored him for thirty years, Minterville must come together as one to rescue the women before time runs out. They must act quickly, or innocent people will die and their beloved community (and along with it, The Minter) will be destroyed forever.

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About Jessica Wren:

Jessica Wren is a psychological-thriller writer from a city in Georgia that is famous for its sand gnats (known locally as 'tiny flying sharks'). She wishes to share her infinite wisdom and life experience, as she knows everything about being a cop, a lawyer, a drug dealer, a serial killer, a teenage boy, and every other known identity. 

She gives top-notch professional advice on her blog about writing by which she consistently fails to abide.
Her other talents include finding that super-convenient parking space in a busy parking lot that somehow got overlooked, helping others overcome their fear of lotus seed pods, and making up song parodies for every imaginable situation.

She is the nagging wife of Patrick since 2006 and the hovering helicopter mother of Rachel.

Jessica's ultimate dream is to retire to a one-room shack with 20 cats, where she will sit on the porch and shout "Get out of my yard!" while swinging a broom at anyone who happens to pass by.

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