Sunday, August 9, 2015

An excerpt from Princess Alexia and the Dragon #SundaySnippet

Princess Alexia and the Dragon

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Princess Alexia always traveled with her bow, quiver of arrows, and Zoey. She skipped down the sidewalk and saw Ms. Ara sweeping in front of her store, Stitches, and waved to her.

“Isn’t it a lovely day, Princess Alexia?” Ms. Ara, the seamstress, called out. “But look at you! Your hair is a mess. We cannot have our Princess running about looking like that. Come inside for a moment, and I will braid a ribbon into your hair. I can do it faster than you can say Ample Apple Orchard Celebration three times.”

Princess Alexia giggled. “It sure is a pretty ribbon, Ms. Ara. Its color matches my dress.” After Ms. Ara twined the ribbon, Princess Alexia was anxious to get on their way, but didn’t want to be rude by leaving too soon. Princess Alexia twirled.

“Where might Zoey and the Princess be headed today?”

She stopped twirling, and whispered, “Shh, we are on a secret mission. If I tell you, will you swear to keep it a secret?”

Ms. Ara with wide, serious blue eyes made an X motion over her heart with her finger. “Cross my heart, Princess, I won’t tell anyone.”

She leaned close to Ms. Ara and spoke softly in her ear, “We are going to go find that mean ol’ dragon and capture him! That way he won’t ruin our celebration tomorrow.”

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About Author K. Meador

Author K. Meador pens stories for both children and adults. Her books are available on kindle, in paperback and on audio. 

When not writing, you can find her tinkering on an aircraft or hiking in one of the numerous state parks. 

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