Thursday, July 16, 2015

My random thoughts on book reviews

Howdy ya'll,

Hope you are having a blessed day. I am struggling with a migraine today but nothing that cool air, a  dark room, and medicine won't cure.

I wanted to talk a moment about book reviews. I love book reviews - when other people do them. Ha!

It seems there are gifted people can eloquently point out great things about the book without giving spoilers away. 

Me? Mine are short and sweet. 

  1. Be fair: I liked it and why
  2. Be honest: I didn't like it and why
  3. Be fair and honest: It was okay and why

That pretty much sums it up.

Being an author myself, I appreciate any reviews that are posted. So whether you are a reader, or a writer, post a review for the books you purchase. Why, you might ask?

  1. It helps the next potential buyer to decide in less than 5 seconds if they will purchase the book. 
  2. It raises the authors ranking on Amazon. 
  3. Like word of mouth from a friend, an honest opinion of the book is valuable to others. 
  4. It makes the author feel appreciated. 
  5. Ok, we know it isn't about the author. The reading experience is about the reader. However, the author labors on what you are reading. Feedback is welcomed. 

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  1. I try to tell people that even a few words are appreciated. It can be scary, you know?

    1. Absolutely Crystal! Reviews can be scary because we put our heart and tears into our works. :)


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