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Wodke Hawkinson: Sue @WoodkeHawkisnon #IndieBooksBeSeen

About the Authors: 

Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which writing duo PJ Hawkinson and K Wodke release their co-authored works. Wodke Hawkinson's multi-genre style gives the readers a rich and varied experience.

With twelve books published, you are sure to find something right up your reader’s ally. Upcoming projects include a variety of short story singles, a fourth volume/collection of short stories, and a fantasy novel.

About Sue:

Sue Cox had been lured into a bizarre relationship with Zeke, a man whose stunning looks hid a demented mind. She had left town with him on a road trip and nearly lost her life in the process. She was saved from death at the last minute by a private investigator, Will Falstaff, whom her parents had hired to find her and bring her home. But, Zeke was still out there.

In this sequel to the novel, Zeke, Sue begins her long recovery. Melvin, the young assistant to Will, is hired to escort her, a precaution in the event Zeke returns to finish the job. Though Sue does not want protection, she gradually grows to trust Melvin even as she learns to be more self-reliant. With the help of her psychiatrist and the loving support of her parents, she works through her tangled emotions and begins to clear the brainwashing from her mind so she can rebuild her life. She vows to never be a victim again. But, Zeke has other plans. . . 

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