Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A trip turns fun with Wine and Paint

This has been a busy day. 

Charles and I decided to travel to see his mother in Arkansas. Did I mention we live in Oklahoma? A seven hour trip loomed before us. With three dogs. In the snow. And 20 degree weather.

After battling road grime and frozen wiper fluid, we finally made it into Arkansas where we stopped to have lunch with Charles' daughter, Alyssa. 

Yes, sometimes, best laid plans can turn into quite the adventure. 

After a nice lunch, a short trip around the center of town revealed Walton's five and dime which is the first Walmart ever. With red and white striped gracing its exterior, it is a far cry from the Walmart we know today. 

Image result for walmart five and dime
Where Walmart first began
After many winding and hill infested roads with breathtaking landscape, we arrived at his mother's house. It was a delight to learn that she was attending a Wine and Paint activity at the local country club.  

We went with Ara and had fun watching the group. We were able to meet and interact with people we probably wouldn't have ever cross paths with otherwise. Afterwards we all enjoyed a delicious meal and continued the visit. Over the space of two hours, people who were once strangers had become friends. 

Ara Banks
My recommendation is for you to attend one even if you can't paint. The instructor did a great job in leading and directing the class while helping each individual to create something unique and fabulous. 

Here is the proud class showing off their work.


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