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#IndieBooksBeSeen Book Spotlight of the Day The Golden Merra by Kevin Moore

About the Author:

Kevin Moore is a working writer and a professor of composition, history and philosophy. His published work includes The Golden Merra, Seven Out, Waves and War, Sorrow and Demons and My Lovely Wife, Edith. Kevin is a contributing writer for the Toledo Free Press and keeps a blog at He lives near Toledo, Ohio with his wife and daughter.
Twitter: @KevMooreWrites

About the Book:

It's the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Bootlegger and ex-pilot from World War I Wil Driscoll has reluctantly accepted an invitation from an old foe to attend a dog race in New Orleans. He's on the lam from the gangster he works for after losing his cargo in a plane crash and desperately needs to strike it big. Wil soon discovers that he has to share a hotel room with Albert Crow, an eccentric but ambitious treasure hunter who hopes the weekend's race will finance his long sought-after expedition to the Chichen Itza ruins of the Maya in Mexico. During a weekend he hoped would be his ticket to riches, Wil crosses paths an old flame, who is now a jazz singer and flapper, has a run-in with the notorious New Orleans Black Hand gang, and begins an adventure to unknown and exotic places with supernatural secrets. It will be much more than just a day at the races. 

The Golden Merra is a thriller that delivers the action fans of pulp fiction, noir and all things gangster have come to expect. This piece of historical fiction will appeal to readers of action/adventure, history and even the paranormal alike.

Amazon Reviews:

5 Stars! I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Normally a fantasy/sci-fi/romance reader, I found this book very well written. I could see the characters, the ambience (or lack there of) of the hotel, feel the atmosphere of what was happening as I read. I'm not one to go into spoilers by writing out each detail and how I felt about it, but I will say that I will be reading more adventures of Wil Driscoll because now I am hooked.

5 Stars! Dames, Smugglers, Gangsters, who could ask for anything more?

I received this book for free in exchange of an honest review from the Goodreads ARR program. It is a great program and you get to read some wonderful stories!

This was a neat read! The Golden Merra is the start of a series of stories starring Wil Driscoll and Albert. Wil Driscoll is, well, how do describe him? He is a scoundrel, a pilot, and a smuggler. We meet him just after he has crashed his uncle's plane and is going to a dog meet in New Orleans to see if he can pay his uncle back.

He was invited by an old 'friend' from his days in the service (the story is set in the late 1920s) who seems to have done well for himself. The invite includes a free room in the Golden Merra as well as free drinks - what more could a guy want? However, Wil finds out that the hotel isn't exactly first class and that he will be sharing a room with Albert. Albert owns one of the dogs that will be running in the races.

I don't want to reveal much more of the story. I loved the setting and the way the story was told; it opens as if it is an introduction to an old radio show. And who doesn't love a story set during Prohibition? Dames, Gangsters, and action. Loved it and I can't wait for part two.


Author K. Meador is a mom to two grown sons who are currently pursuing their adult lives outside the home. She enjoys history, aviation, writing, and romance. In addition, she enjoys photography, walking, and visiting with family and friends. For the past several years, she has traveled with her job and has now settled down in Oklahoma City area.

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