Monday, December 1, 2014

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With behavioral marketing the customer dictates the  messages they receive from you based on what they are doing.

A single email can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a sale. Then why are up to 89% of marketers still using canned broadcast emails?

Behavioral targeting has been used by advertisers for  years. The idea is to observe a customer’s behavior and then provide the appropriate ad based on what they did or didn’t do. This concept can, and should, be applied to email marketing in a much more comprehensive way.

The idea is to track a customer’s behavior and modify your marketing to reflect what is relevant to them based on their behavior or actions. This approach allows you to serve up marketing messages, offers and promotions that are more relevant and compelling to the specific customer.

There are even software tools available to track customer patters so that marketers can deliver personalized messages based on a sequence of actions taken by a unique customer.

What you find out about your customers can have a profound impact on how you market to them. In fact this approach is almost the opposite of how most companies do email marketing today. With behavioral marketing, the customer dictates the messages they receive from you based on what they are doing. For example, if a customer visits your website several times but doesn’t take you up on your offer, then you deliver a message that makes a suggestion. It is similar to the approach “People who bought this, also bought that” approach.

When you make your messages relevant, you increase your response rates. When you increase your response rate, you generate more qualified leads. When you generate more qualified leads, you close more deals and sell more products. 

Information provided by Laura Lowell and, with permission, shared.

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