Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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It is important to ask for other people's opinions

It's easy to review your own material. It is easy to ask a colleague on your team to review it. In general, getting people to review your stuff is pretty easy. What is hard is being specific about the kind of help you need. 

When you ask for "feedback" you are opening the door for all kinds of input. Almost everyone will provide grammar and punctuation edits whether you ask them to or not, and most of the time this isn't terrible helpful. Of course, you don't want typos in your materials but sometimes other "feedback" is more important. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to describe the other type of help you need when reviewing and improving marketing materials. There are several questions I always ask when I'm asking people to review my stuff: 

  • Does the piece make sense?
  • Did it flow? Was there a logical sequence of ideas?
  • What was the key idea you took away from the piece?
  • What do you wish was included that wasn't
These questions, and others like them, provide specific guidance for the type of insight you are asking for. Otherwise you are asking for help but not giving people enough information to actually make them helpful. 

It is important to ask for other people's opinions. Acknowledge their help, and then do what is right for you and your customers. Speaking about customers, what do you think they would say about it? Are you "eating your own dog food?" Or have you really told a story that is clear, relevant and important to your customers? Only they know for sure. 

Information provided by Laura Lowell and, with permission, shared.

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