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#Marketing Must Result in Sales

As with any rules, take them for what it is worth. I, for one, like breaking the rules. Actually, I do hope these will assist you in your marketing. And I am eagerly looking forward to your opinion and interaction. 

Marketing Must Result in Sales

Marketing is the way you create and distribute messages to get people's attention so you can convince them to buy your stuff. 

Marketing is creative, exciting, and dare-to-say fun. Just imaging pacing the floor sipping on cola or coffee, smacking on gum, or pounding down your all-time favorite junk food. Before you know it the center circle of your brainstorming has grown legs and has become like a spider web. And then BAM the one unique gold idea hits and you know you are onto something. That is marketing at its best. 

Now is the time to convince others that your marketing idea is golden. But, what does it mean for a marketing campaign to be effective? Countless time and effort has gone into answering this question. 

In the end, what really matters is that your marketing results in sales. It is that simple. So, get the message out about your company, product, or service and communicate it to your customers to elicit a positive response from them. To further break this down, marketing is the way you create and distribute messages to get people's attention so you can convince them to buy your product. 

The difficulty lies in directly connecting your marketing activities to increased sales. Press Releases (PR) help increase overall awareness of a product. Specific Press Release tactics like product reviews can even help position a specific product competitively and increase demand for the product. Nonetheless, it is still hard to directly link PR results to increased sales. 

But don't get discouraged, it is easy to directly connect other marketing activities to increase sales. Email and direct mail with specific call to action phone or URL can be one way to directly track sales. 

Don't over analyze the point here. Marketing needs to help sell products. Yes, it is difficult. But when it is done right, your bank account will thank you.  

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