Friday, November 7, 2014

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There is an important distinction between describing your customers and “getting to know” your customers.

It is commonly understood among marketers that, in order to develop a message that will be heard by customers; you have to be able to describe who your customers are. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always common practice to do the work required to really understand your customers. 
  • “Customer  centric.”
  • “Customer driven.”
  • “Customer focused.”

All of the above phrases have been used to describe the different approaches to understanding customers. There is an important distinction between describing your customers and “getting to know” your customers.

Most companies can describe their customers at some level. Age, sex, location, decision makers, influencers, vertical markets, company size, or revenue are ways to describe your customer. 

Psycho-graphics focuses on attributes like personality, values, attitudes, interest, or lifestyles.

Psycho-graphic profiles are helpful when trying to define more personalized and targeted messages and campaigns.

Behavioral attributes refer to a person’s behavior – or their actions or reactions to different products, messages, offers, etc. Behaviors can be either conscious or subconscious and provide an important final piece of information needed to “get to know” your customers.

  • Demographics = Who
  • Psycho-graphics = Why
  • Behaviors = What

Armed with this information, you can get out there and get to know them better.

Information provided by Laura Lowell and, with permission, shared.

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