Monday, November 24, 2014

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No one likes to be asked for their preferences or opinions and then have them ignored.

Before you create a marketing mix that really works, you need to know two very important things.

First, how do your customers gather information? Who do they go to for recommendations? Do they search online or do they ask for suggestions from colleagues, friends or family? Who influences the purchasing process? Answers to these questions help you target those who influence your customers, as well as, the customers themselves.

Second, how do your target customers want to receive information? Do they want a lot of detail but not very often? Do they prefer to get more frequent information with less detail? Do they like phone, email or old fashioned paper and envelopes? Again, this information will directly impact the types of marketing activities you invest in.

Once these preferences have been stated, it is your job to execute them consistently. No one likes to be asked for their preferences or opinions and then have them ignored.

Remember to put the customer first. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Your goal is to create a marketing mix that reaches your customers in ways that are appropriate for them. Find out who influences your customers and make them love you. Find out how your customers like to hear from you and be zealous in your attempt to abide by their wishes. They will thank you for it with increased sales and impressive loyalty.

Information provided by Laura Lowell and, with permission, shared.

Author K. Meador is a mom to two grown sons who are currently pursuing their adult lives outside the home. She enjoys history, aviation, writing, and romance. In addition, she enjoys photography, walking, and visiting with family and friends. For the past several years, she has traveled with her job and has now settled down in Oklahoma City area.

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