Friday, November 21, 2014

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All your customers think about is how your product can benefit them.

How do you create a compelling message?
First, write all of your marketing pieces like you are talking to your customers. Customers don’t care about why the company thinks this is a good idea, or why the company decided to pursue this strategy. All your customers think about is how your product can benefit them.

During the process of developing your message, keep these in mind:
  • How does it benefit the customer?
  • How does it solve the customer’s problem?
  • How is your message different from the customer’s options?

Second, talk about something your customers actually care about, not what you think they care about. Based on “what’s in it for them” you can talk about how your product will help them.

Third, try and make it personal. Ask customers a question to help them identify the challenges they might be facing. Sometimes customers don’t realize they have a problem until you ask the question. Then they think, interesting. Now you have started the ball rolling.

Finally, always have a call to action. Different customers are going to connect with different benefits of your message or product. Each time you highlight a benefit, follow it up with a prompt to “buy now” or “learn more” or “contact us” or “try a free demo”

If your customer doesn’t know what to do next, then you have lost them.

Information provided by Laura Lowell and, with permission, shared.

Author K. Meador is a mom to two grown sons who are currently pursuing their adult lives outside the home. She enjoys history, aviation, writing, and romance. In addition, she enjoys photography, walking, and visiting with family and friends. For the past several years, she has traveled with her job and has now settled down in Oklahoma City area.

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