Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 Things to Consider when looking for an Agent #authors

Recently, I began wondering if I should find an agent for my books. I mean, really, I work two jobs and write and market and and and and ….

I know I am not alone in this situation

So, I began looking around on the internet.  What I found is that there is a ton of information out there about agents and it is easy to get overwhelmed. After reading for hours upon hours I came up with some things that I felt was helpful.
  •  Don’t query an agent who charges a reading fee. There are plenty out there to query that doesn’t charge and you work hard for your money so spend it wisely
  • Decide if you need an agent for fiction or non-fiction work; hardback or paperback; practical or narrative; literary or commercial
  • Decide what genre you need an agent for: Historical, Contemporary, Romance, Horror, Science Fiction, and Suspense are some categories that come to mind.
  • When searching for an agent, take a look at how many deals they have made in their career. While you are there, scrutinize the titles of the books and see if you recognize them.
  • What kind of publisher has the agent worked with? Were they small presses? Major presses? Did the agent use the same publisher repeatedly? (Ideally, choose an agent who has accomplished deals with major publishers because they pay better advances)
  • What kind of advances has the agent negotiated?
  •  Make sure as you are looking for an agent, you only query those who represented the genre you write in.
  • Is the agent receptive to new clients?
  • For a new author, target an agent who has had three years or less experience. 
  • Be patient with the agent and the process. 

Good luck if you decide to pursue this avenue! 

Author K. Meador is a mom to two grown sons who are currently pursuing their adult lives outside the home. For the past several years, she has traveled with her job and has now settled down in Oklahoma City area.

She enjoys photography, walking, and visiting with family and friends.

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