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#History: WWII: Test your knowledge; British Spitfires mistakes…

Fact: The first British air raid of the war, on September 6, 1939, resulted from a disastrous false alarm. British Spitfires mistakenly shot down two British Hurricanes. There were no German aircraft over England.

1)   Where did the largest tank battle in history take place?

          a)   Tunisia
          b)   Ardennes Forest
          c)   Kursk

2)   What was the name of the bridge at Sant’Angelo, Italy, over the Rapido?

          a)   Brooklyn Bridge
          b)   London Bridge
          c)   Mussolini Bridge

3)   Which was the only major surrender after D-Day that was not accepted in the name of the Allied powers?

          a)   Rome
          b)   Paris
          c)   Berlin

4)   The first Allied troops to cross the Strait of Messina and set foot on the Italian peninsula were under the command of:

          a)   Mark Clark
          b)   Bernard Law Montgomery
          c)   George Patton

5)   How many .50 caliber machine guns were on board B-17 Flying Fortresses?

          a)   Eight
          b)   Thirteen
          c)   Between fifteen and twenty


1)   Around the Kursk salient in July 1943, where the Russians and Germans employed approximately 3,000 tanks. Germany lost more than 400 tanks in the conflict.

2)   London Bridge

3)   Paris. It was accepted in the name of the Provisional Government of the French Republic, according to instructions de Gaulle had given General Leclerc.

4)   The Eighth Army, under Montgomery, did it on September 3, 1943.

5)   Thirteen

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