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#History WWII Test your knowledge; Red Cross air-sea rescue airplanes ordered to be destroyed…

Fact: For a time during the Battle of Britain RAF pilots were ordered to destroy German air-sea rescue seaplanes marked with the Red Cross, to prevent the rescued German pilots from fighting another day. The order met stiff resistances among RAF pilots.

1.)   Which Russian newspaper did Soviet troops prefer for rolling cigarettes?
          a) Pravda
          b) Izvestia
          c) Red Star

2.)   Who said, “He who holds Paris holds France”?
          a) Charles de Gaulle
          b) The Duke of Windsor
          c) Adolf Hitler

3)   Who was the last commander of the Afrika Korps?
          a)   Jurgen von Arnim
          b)   Sepp Dietrich
          c)   Gustav Fehn

4)   What was the unofficial name for the allied ships’ assembly area as they got under way for the French coast in June 1944?
          a)   Piccadilly Circus
          b)   Swine Lake
          c)   Hero Harbor

5) Which tank was produced in greater numbers than any other?
          a)   German Panther
          b)   British Churchill
          c)   American Sherman


1)   Red Star had a reputation for burning better and as a result was more popular.

2)   Hitler

3)   Von Arnim was commander of Axis troops in North Africa, Dietrich was an SS panzer commander in the Normandy and Ardennes campaigns. The last commander of the Afrika Korps was General Gustav Fehn.

4)   Piccadilly Circus.

5)  There were only 384 Panthers built and 5,640 Churchills. Of the 26 different tank models used by both Allies and Axis powers, the Shermans, with 49,000 units made, was by far the leader. Russia produced 40,000 T34/76 tanks for number two position. Despite its high production numbers, the Sherman got low grades as a weapon. Some 3rd Armored Division commanders called them “deathtraps”.  

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