Friday, September 5, 2014

#Girlpower on the farm....

Growing up in the country gave me plenty of adventures and a different perspective than a person who grew up in the city. I wanted to tell you a story about the tractor.

By the time I was ten years old, I was proficient in driving an old blue Ford tractor. Standard. No power steering. (unlike the one in the picture, the one I drove had aired up tires)

I drove this tractor to my grandparents farm approximately 30 miles away, put putting away the miles and enjoying every minute of it. I drove the tractor on the 70 acre farm plowing and baling square bales of hay.

There was a time that the decision was made to move from square bales to round bales which required hiring someone else to do the baling. Once they were done, a for-sale sign was put up and there was a customer who bought three bales of round hay.

At the time, the farmer came to collect his round bale of hay but our father was not there to load the hay on the farmer’s trailer. The farmer got on our tractor and couldn’t figure out how to start it.

I was standing out in the yard with my mother and the farmer was getting angry. At ten years of age, I placed my hands on my hips and I told the farmer, “If you will get down, I will load the hay for you.”

In a huff, the farmer got off the tractor and I got on it and proceeded to load the hay on the trailer for him.

Moral of this story: Don’t underestimate girl power.

Author K. Meador is a mom to two grown sons who are currently pursuing their adult lives outside the home. She enjoys history, aviation, writing, and romance. In addition, she enjoys photography, walking, and visiting with family and friends. For the past several years, she has traveled with her job and has now settled down in Oklahoma City area.

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