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#History: Sack and Rule

Sweet wines went by the name of “sack” in the early days, and a “rule” for making Sack Posset appeared in the New York Gazette of February 13, 1744:

“A Receipt for All Young Ladies That Are Going to be Married to Make a Sack Posset”
From famed Barbadoes on the Western main
Fetch sugar, half a pound; fetch sack from Spain
A pint; and from the Eastern Indian Coast
Nutmeg, the glory of our Northern toast.
O’er flaming coals together let them heat
Till the all-conquering sack dissolves the sweet.
O’er such another fire, set eggs, twice ten,
Newborn from the crowing cock and clucking hen;
Stir them with a steady hand and conscience pricking
To see the untimely end of twenty chicken.
From shining shelf take down your brazen skillet.
A quart of milk from gentle cow will fill it
When boiled and cooked, put milk and sack to egg,
Unite them firmly like the triple league,
Then covered close, together let them dwell
Till Miss Twice sings; you must not kiss and tell.
Each lad and lass snatch up their murdering spoon
And fall on fiercely like a starved dragon.

Nutmeg was the favorite flavoring for the flips, slings, and bounces that gladdened Colonial hearts. A nutmeg tied with ribbon was a treasured gift, and many people carried their own pocket sized nutmeg boxes, complete with a miniature grater. Thus “the exquisite traveler could always be sure of a dainty, flavored wine.” Elegant nutmeg boxes came in Battersea enamel, with graters of silver.

Information contributed by authors Leslie Dorsey and Janice Devine in the book Fare Thee Well

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