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When did the American Civil War Underground Railroad begin?

The American Civil War which was from the years of 1861 - 1865. The Underground Railroad started nearly 50 years before the Civil War did. In a network of secret routes, passageways, safe houses and meeting places, slaves were assisted to freedom through those involved in the Abolitionist Movement. Only an estimate can be made, but it is suspected that over 100,000 slaves escaped slavery in the South from the years 1810 through 1850.

Underground Railroad Network in 1860
The network extended far across the states and along with this came “stations or depots”, “conductors”, “stockholders”, and “safe havens”. These provided houses, money, goods, clothing, and assistance in finding work. Many, who lived in fear in the North, escaped to Canada. Upon their travels, “Keep your eye on the North Star”, became a watchword and even without a compass they were able to keep on track to freedom that the North offered. 

The risk that the persons involved in the network consisted of punishment which included prison, whipping or even hanging. White men
received harsher punishment than white women, but at the minimum the convicted person would receive jail time. Negro men or women who were caught assisting slaves in escaping could expect dozens of lashes with a whip, burning, shot, or hanging. 

And while all of this was in process, there were those who exploited free Negroes at the border of North and South. On the border of the Ohio River, a reverse Underground Railroad was taking place. 

Negro men and women, whether or not they had ever been slaves, were kidnapped, hidden in homes and barns until they could be transported into the South and sold as slaves in the South for a profit. 

In my book, Journey to Freedom, Marrissa and Eliza travel through the Underground Railroad prior to the Civil War taking place. Later in my book, after the Civil War has begun, Daniel and Tom escape from a prison in the South and are found and taken back to the prison for a profit. 

Journey to Freedom depicts the travels of Greggory (aka, Black Arrow), Robert, Marrissa,  Eliza, Daniel, Mike, and Tom. I hope you will consider reading about their journey to freedom.
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