Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#History Civil War Nurses and the roles they filled...

In a male dominated era, women refused to be left behind. Unfortunately, there are very few records of women serving in the Civil War as nurses but that does not diminish their value.

However, some women who volunteered as nurses became famous such as Louisa May Alcott (author of Little Women), Clara Barton, Susie King Taylor, Jane Stuart Woolsey, Dorethea Dix, and Katherine Prescott Wormeley.

From the beginning of the Civil War, thousands of women volunteered at military hospitals. But after the famous Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861, Clara and Dorethea organized the nursing field to help care for the incoming wounded.

In my book, Journey to Freedom, the nursing aspect is addressed when Daniel, Greggory, and Robert volunteer to serve in the Union. We follow Daniel as he is stationed with a company that has a hospital service and, therein, gets to know, "Mother" as the soldiers affectionately called her even as she took away any useful items they may have received from their families.

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