Friday, May 23, 2014

Partners in Crime #livingthegoodlife #dog #snippet

Nicco on left who is 12 years old in dog years and Pete is on the right and he is 1 1/2 years old in dog years

Partners in Crime

It was a bright, sunny day and all was at peace. 

Now we can't let that go on, now can we? I said to myself. I looked at my two boys laying quietly on the living room floor, slipped on my shoes and the boys scramble to their fury feet. 

They bounded up as quick as can be, yipping and yapping, spinning circles, and with glee barking, "Take me, take me." 

I laughed and thought, "Oh, what a mess these two can be!"

Opening the door, out shot Pete without a backward glance. Down the porch stairs he went, running up and down the fence line, barking like mad. He had to tell the neighbor dogs he was about to go on a Road Trip! 

In a sprint he ran to the gate and spun circles and yapping, "Hurry up. Let's go, let's go." 

Beside him, the quiet one stood, wagging his stump of a tail, his face broke out in a grin, "Calm down kid," he seemed to say, "You know she's taking us."

With the gate open, they both dashed through. Not to the truck, mind you, but to the front fence in the neighbors yard, gloating, ya see. 

I call out and bounding over they came. I lifted Nicco into the truck and Pete hesitated to jump in. "Oh good golly," I said. "You are a big baby," and lifted him onto the backseat. 

I start the truck and look in my rearview mirror to see..... my partners in crime, as happy as could be. 

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  1. Rupert thanks you for showcasing his cousin, Pete. Love the post.

  2. Ahhh, yes. Say hello to dear Rupert on behalf of Pete and Nicco.


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