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Book Review by K. Meador

Date: 4/21/14
Book: Love me or Die
Author of book: Michaela James
Genre: Mystery
Published: Sept. 21, 2011

About the Author:

Born in England, in the County of Hampshire, Michaela James is one of four children.  Her childhood was a happy one spent riding horses and traveling extensively with her fun-loving family.  A mother of three boys and a girl, Michaela spends her time writing, watching her sons play tennis, and relaxing with her husband.

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About Love me or Die:

Maddie Taylor is found brutally murdered in her home.

The beautiful, young mother's heart has been cut from her body.

Four men had wanted that heart.

The husband, the priest, the musician and the man she loved. All claimed to love her, yet one of these men is on death row for her murder.

A young woman visits the prisoner on a weekly basis. Will she discover who he is and why he killed Maddie? As time goes by, she becomes more uncomfortable. Not because he's a cold-blooded killer, but because she learns they have so much in common.

A story of love, deceit, passion and betrayal.

My Review:

A brilliantly written story of beauty, love, lust, hardship, sacrifice, survival, and compassion.

From the beginning there is no guessing who the victim is. You see what lies in her heart and hear her last thoughts.

You are then taken on a journey to figure out which of the four suspects killed Maddie. You are introduced to a woman who naturally attracted men to her with her cheerful and ready to please personality in addition to her physical beauty. You find yourself seeing the decisions she made and either agreeing or disagreeing with them. You find yourself drawn into her life of choices.

I found the book to be enjoyable and kept me turning the pages. At 286 pages in length, it didn’t take me long to read this story.

I highly recommend this story if you like murder mysteries.

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  1. I follow your reviews, K-Trina. Thanks for posting. Best of luck with sales, Michaela.

  2. Thanks Mary Ann - at .99 this book is a bargain.


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