Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Introducing Author Kerry Donovan #WritersLife

Listen to Kerry Donovan here as he lets us know who he is and what his books are about. 

Meanwhile, a short recap: 

Kerry was born in Dublin, before the time of mobile phones and all night television. He spent most of his life in the UK and now lives in Brittany with his long-suffering wife of thirty-seven years. He has three children and three grandchildren, all of whom live in England. An absentee granddad, Kerry praises the advent of video calling. Kerry earned a first class honor degree in Human Biology and has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Sciences. A former scientific advisor to The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Kerry helped UK emergency first-responders prepared for chemical attacks in the wake of 9/11.

Currently, he earns his living as a furniture designer/maker and writer. He is a regular contributor to UK based hobby magazines, and writes the occasional short story for online magazines, Gore! Which he also guest edits.

Kerry published The DCI Jones Casebook: Raymond Francis Collins in May 2013. The second book, The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn was published in November 2013.

And now, Kerry is on another adventure publishing his third book: The Transition of Johnny Swift. On April 1st, 2014, Kerry held a facebook book launch giving away donated books and is currently taking preorders for this book. His goal is to reach 250 preorders!

You can see his progress here

Book Summary:

The Transition of Johnny Swift is a psychological thriller set in present day England. Racing driver, “Fiery” Frank Brazier has a problem. He sees a Shadow man – ominous, overwhelming. It happens in times of stress and things are worsening. He would seek medical help, but racing drivers aren’t supposed to feel fear, and how would the team’s sponsor react? At the start of the final race of the season, Frank is only one win away from sealing the F2500 Championship and earning a place on a Formula 1 team for next season. With blood pumping, and adrenaline heightening his senses, his nemesis, the Shadow man returns. He sits on the nosecone of Frank’s car, brooding, still, and silent. Frank survives a front tire blowout, wins the race, and a new contract. The next day, he accompanies his sister, Paula, to London by train, but a senseless act of vandalism causes a horrific rail crash…

Waking in the hospital, eyes bandaged, bones broken, head aching, Frank hears tow words that throw him into a world of terror and confusion.

“Save her!”

When the doctors remove the eye bandages, Frank sees the owner of the voice – Shadow man. He repeats the words. “Save her.”

“Save who?”


Preorder your copy of The Transition of Johnny Swift here

An excerpt of The Transition of Johnny Swift – Part 1 will be posted on April 10, 2014


  1. Best of luck with sales, Kerry. Thanks for sharing, K-Trina.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann for stopping by! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this K-Trina - much appreciated.
    And here's another thing. Anyone placing a pre-order for The Transition of Johnny Swift will receive a FREE e-copy of my crime thriller, The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn, which aficionados of crime fiction will love.

    Regards, Kerry.

  3. Thanks Kerry! That will be a real treat to readers. I have read Ellis Flynn and know others will like it too.


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