Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Princess Alexia and the Dragon #audible #Itunes

Audio version of: Princess Alexia and the Dragon written by K. Meador and narrated by Michaela James.

Follow Princess Alexia as she and her brave dog, Zoey, as they embark on a mission to confront a fire-breathing dragon. She hopes to do what her father’s soldiers could not, capture the dragon so another Ample Apple Orchard celebration would not be attacked and the land set ablaze. 

When Princess Alexia faces her adversary, she is frightened, but her fears abate once she and Titus, the dragon, begin talking. Can she convince Titus to stop plaguing her father’s kingdom, and will the festival be celebrated without fear of destruction?

Princess Alexia and the Dragon  is geared for children of the age’s four to nine.

Princess Alexia and the Dragon contains a subtle message of sharing with others.

The audio version is approximately 27 minutes and is available on Audible.com and ITunes for $3.95 US dollars.

You can hear a sample of the audio book, Princess Alexia and the Dragon , here

To purchase the audio version from audible.com, click  here

To purchase the audio version from Itunes, click here

To purchase the kindle version from amazon, click here

The paperback version is in work but will be available from Createspace soon. 


  1. Congratulations on the audio release. Delightful children's story.

  2. Thank you Mary Ann - I had fun with her :)

  3. So excited for you, K-Trina. What a great achievement. n x

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    1. thank you for stopping by Snoop Dogg.


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