Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Princess Alexia and the Dragon - new release

Hi everyone,

Today marks the day of a new book release for me. This is my sixth book and I am very excited about this project.

Princess Alexia and the Dragon is a family story conveying the special relationships grandparents have with their grandchildren. In this case, this story is about a grandfather who tells a story to his granddaughter after learning she wasn't sharing with other kids in school.

But that doesn't mean this story is no fun! It has a King, Queen, and their rambunctious Princess, Alexia in it. Of course, you cannot forget Zoey, the Princesses loyal pup and Titus, the fire-breathing dragon enemy.

Princess Alexia and Zoey decide to go find the dragons who have ruined the Ample Apple Orchard Celebration for years now. Expecting to find a mean dragon, she was highly surprised to meet a dragon who wore a pirates costume and talked like a pirate. Soon, they become friends and she learns why Titus has been burning down their Ample Apple Orchid.

She is going to make things right until both she and Titus is snared in steel traps and escaping looks grim.

Come and join Princess Alexia and the Dragon as they learn about sharing and friendship. Available now on Amazon Kindle. Available soon on auido and in paperback.

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