Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Choices and Challenges

After doing what I was supposed to for weight loss the first week, I had a very low and disappointing weight loss. The lady, Nurse Debbie, running the program The Biggest Loser at Work said that my muscles are retaining water and forming a cushion. She said to continue doing what I was doing and I would see a change.

Well, unfortunately I haven't been doing what I am supposed to this week due to the pressures of releasing my sixth book, Princess Alexia and the Dragon. Getting the final format done and uploaded to Amazon is time consuming sitting in front of the computer. In addition, we have had terrible weather that has kept me housebound when not at my regular job.

But the point of this blog is that I posed this question on my last blog post and I had someone answer me that supports what Nurse Debbie stated. Here is her answer.

  • Your body can take on water because it may get minuscule tears from weight bearing exercising - as well as endurance exercises. The body - at this time - will try to repair itself, and by doing so, that area will surround itself with fluid. This effect is a temporary one, but it can last for a few days, though. Try not to weigh yourself immediately after you work out. And, I am sure, you are aware that you have to limit salt and sugars because these are major factors regarding body weight. 

Thank you Deborah for answering my question and encouraging me. For more tips by her, visit her Facebook blog where she shares encouragement through healthy tips, recipes, and photos. Healthy Blogg 2.0

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