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Biggest Loser at Work: Falling Behind.

Me and Pistol Pete
March 8, 2014

Hello to those following my journey on successful lifestyle change – notice I did not say the “D” Word. To keep on track this is the end of week one and the beginning of week two. 

This week has been interesting. I got discouraged from my .3 loss the week before and quit. In my mind, in my food intake, in my activities, I just quit. I had fast food five days of the week and I did no – zilp, zilch, nada, none – exercise.

Then I read a post on one of the social medias that I belong to that said: A 20 minute daily walk reduces the chance of stroke and heart attack. At that point I had an a-ha moment and realized I need to stop being concerned about the number on the scale and be concerned with my overall health.

This past Wednesday I talked to both the day and night shift about the benefits of juicing. We talked about the pros and the cons and I passed out two different types of juices. One was straight celery juice. 16 ounces a day will help reduce water retention. And the other one was Cruciferous which included broccoli, cauliflower, kale leaves, lemon and apples. There was a varied of responses within the groups about the juices.   

Then comes Friday, March 7th 2014, weigh in day.  

I work swing shift so when I got up, I went to work to weigh in and I was shocked to see that I lost two pounds. Now that isn’t much when you consider there were people who lost up to 14 pounds in one week! But for me, I was happy to see the two pound loss!  
I am now back on track with my diet and exercise and I am looking forward to my sister coming to see me this week. I will definitely have a workout buddy with her. We will be working out with Nurse Kratchett, as Nurse Debbie is sometimes referred to, on Tuesday and Thursday with a 45 minute circuit in the gym and on Wednesday my sister and I will put the work in at the Planet Fitness gym where I am a member.  

The attached photo shows the competitors and their percentage of weight loss. My name is circled in red. However, if you notice I do not have my percentage next to it. I think that was an error on the Nurse Kratchett’s part. Do you know how to figure your weight loss percentage? Follow this simple formula: weight loss divided by starting weight multiplied by 100. For example: A 200 hundred pound person loses 1.5 lbs, what is the percentage of weight loss? 1.5/200=.0075  .0075*100=.75% 

My weight loss percentage for week one was 1.19; 11th place out of 34. As you can see from the chart I have a long way to go to catch up to the first place competitor who lost an amazing 7.34%.  

Soon, I will be interviewing the Biggest Loser at Work season two winner, Glenn Triplett, to get his story on how he overcame his struggles and became a huge supporter of the Biggest Loser at Work program.

Here’s to our health!

My percentage is 1.19

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  1. Thanks for sharing your progress. Congrats on losing a few pounds - never easy. Good luck with the program.

  2. Great post! I know it's frustrating, believe I know, but from what you have been texting me about your exercise is maybe you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. I know you workout almost everyday, excluding last week, but going for a walk at 3.6 speed for 45 minutes isn't pushing you, maybe you should go for a walk at 4.3 for 20 minutes and then do an elliptical workout. I think next week will be an eye opener with the circuit training :) I guess I just want to say keep going, keep pushing yourself, and don't be comfortable with your workouts. Love you!

    1. Thanks Bethany - Love you too - Can't wait to see you!


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