Monday, March 3, 2014

A slow start to a new beginning #BiggestLoser at Work

*The official weigh in was delayed by a week so this weeks weight becomes my baseline. 

The first weigh in approached. I was feeling pretty good about it because the scale at home said I lost four lbs in one week. I thought that was on target for I had worked out six days out of the week with my time in the gym between one hour to two. I was juicing, drinking my water, and feeling pretty good about myself and the work that I put in and then WHAM! 

I get to the official scale....

and it did NOT read 126.4!

In fact, I had only lost .3 lbs for the entire week. Talk about being distraught! I sat with the leader of the program and we talked about what happened that week. She told me that my muscles are retaining fluid inside the muscle because of the consistent and lengthy work outs I was doing. She encouraged me to keep going and that I would see a weight loss the following week. We will see...

I have heard of water retention but I haven't heard of water retention inside your muscle tissues. She said it was to form a cushion or barrier as my body gets used to the exercise. If anyone knows anymore about this, I sure would appreciate you answer it in the comments below. 

While there we did talk about the juicing that I discussed on a previous blog posting (click here to read To Juice or Not blog post). She asked me to talk to both the dayshift and nightshift participants about juicing - the pros, the cons and the simplicity or difficulty of it. I am going to take my juicer up to work at specified lunch times and we will be having a Juice Tasting. 

So what are some juice recipes that I am going to take? Of course, I am going to take some fruit juice so people can satisfy their sweet craving by the use of fresh fruits. I will also take some vegetable juice so that they can see healthy juicing doesn't have to taste bad. Some of the juice I will be preparing in front of them. 

I am excited to be on this journey but I can tell you it is an emotional roller coaster as I try to figure out the balance between nutrition and exercise without the use of over the counter diet pills. 

With that being to get a good nights rest and prepare myself for a good workout prior to going to work on Monday! Thanks for coming along this journey with me. 

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