Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All for the love....

All for the love of bringing letter combinations to life 

Daily schedule of an author working swing shift as an aircraft inspector. 

  1. 11:00 a.m.   Wake up. Check and reply to emails via smart phone. 
  2. 11:30 am     Get dressed.  Check and reply to messages and notifications on Facebook.
  3. 11:50 am     Go into kitchen; talk to significant other half. Eat breakfast. Check twitter. Reply to those who actually hold conversations. Delete spam. Schedule retweets. Finish breakfast. 
  4. 12:45 pm     Check google plus. Check and reply to blogs.
  5. 1:30 pm       Shower, light housework
  6. 2:30 pm       Go to work - a 10 hour shift. On breaks and lunch check for updates on social sites via smart phone.
  7. 2:30 am       arrive back home. Talk to significant other half
  8. 2:45 am       catch up social networking that I couldn't at work. More housework.  Talk to significant other half
  9. 3:00 am       if able, write on current story, edit current story
  10. 4:00 am       go to bed - dream of my characters plots if I am not too tired
  11. And sometimes I actually get to squeeze in time at the gym when schedule permits.
  12. Repeat 5 - 6 days a week.  

Some real conversations I have been a part of: 

  1. comment: So, you are an author. You don't write that mushy romance junk do you?
  2. comment: So, you are an author. Why do you still work here? 
  3. comment: So, you are an author. I'd like to read your book. Can you give it to me?
  4. comment: So, you are an author. I'm surprised you put so much effort into this. 
  5. comment: So, you are an author. That really isn't a job, right? More like a hobby, isn't it? 
  6. comment: So, you are an author. You should write science fiction; that's what I read.  
  7. comment: So, you are an author. Can you tell me how to publish a book? 
  8. comment: So, you are an author. How long did it take you to write it? 
  9. comment: So, you are an author. I want to stay at home and play on the computer all day. 
  10. comment: So, you are an author. I don't like sad endings. Do you have sad endings?
  11. comment: So, you are an author. I read one of your books and you got it totally wrong.
  12. comment: So, you are an author. Do you actually sell books?
  13. comment: So, you are an author. You co-authored one of your books, so its not really yours, is it?

Most of the time, I reply politically correct when I want to scream and say:

  1. You don't see the hours I spend learning new computer programs to produce the best work possible.
  2. You don't see the relationship I am in suffer because I am spending most of my time away from my 50 hour job to work on my second job: my writing.
  3. You don't see that I consider myself as a professional and work like one.
  4. You don't see that I forgo my health and sometimes self esteem to get that next paragraph perfect. 
  5. You don't see that I am the most popular or friendly on Facebook because I am tired, stressed, and worried about how my characters are fairing in their situations. 
  6. You don't see me staring out the window as my plot unfolds in front of me. 
  7. You don't see me look at my sales and cry in despair. And then plug on.  
  8. You don't see the depression that happens when I kill one of my characters. 
  9. You don't see the agony when I write out a tough scene. 
  10. You don't see the love I have when I hold the finish product in my hands. 

For those who enjoy my stories, What I really would like you to know: 

  1. My house doesn't get cleaned on a regular basis.
  2. I lose sleep.
  3. My personal relationships suffer as I hibernate to finish a story, edit a story or work with its graphics. 
  4. I love creating stories for you to read.
  5. There will be more books. 
  6. I am a professional who spends 20-30 hours a week writing, editing, and marketing on top of a 50 hour full time job in order to produce books. 
  7. I will continue working two jobs until my writing makes me enough that I can stay home and do it full time. Then there will be even more books.
  8. I thank you for your continued support, and patience. 
  9. Your support through buying my books, writing reviews, telling others, and sharing links with others is invaluable to me and is greatly appreciated. 

For other Authors:

  1. Why don't you share your conversations you have encountered in the comments below?


  1. A popular comment which no doubt many a published writer has heard - "so you're a writer ... so am I" - sweat, worry, perseverance and massive amounts of coffee are the key. We love writing with a passion, don;t give up K-Trina, one day ... n x

    1. thanks Ngaire - looking forward to your third book

  2. Enjoyed your post. Writing is damned hard work, of which the actual writing is the easiest part! And that is hard work too.
    I have had so many, 'Oh, you write? I love writing. I'm always meaning to do some when I get the time.'
    Keep writing, keep believing.

    1. Thanks Ngaire and Christine! we do keep hanging in there and keeping on keeping on


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