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Gab Time with Author K Meador, November 2013 Edition

Gab Time with Author K Meador

November 2013 edition of Gab Time, Author K Meador takes a moment to introduce you to Author Ngarie Elder and gives an update on her works in progress. 

Author Spotlight:            

Ngaire Elder, Author of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark novels, is a natural storyteller whose love of animals is reflected in her work. Ngaire was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, where she spent most of her childhood playing with her brother and her imaginary friends. As a child, she wrote plays, just for fun, but it would be years before her first book was ultimately published. She has participated in reading events at primary schools in County Derry, Northern Ireland, and has taught English to young children participating in the Spanish school system's extracurricular activity program. She has been interviewed extensively by European and American bloggers, and her work has been featured in Indie Author News, British Indie Fiction, and the Coleraine Times. Ngaire resides in Spain with her husband and four children.

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Book 1: The Brimstone Forest (Kindle 1.99/Paperback 4.95)
Book 2: The Mystical Mountain of Terra (Kindle 1.99/Paperback 4.95)
Book 3: Dragon’s Star to be released January 2014

My Writing:

Congrats goes out to Bethany Parker, Tom Dunn and Alan Hilburn who each won a free book for contributing character names to The Inner Chamber, my work in progress. The Inner Chamber is going through a complex and extensive line editing.

On Top of the Rainbow, my first children’s book, is written and at the illustrators desk right now!  This story features Gabe, a Leprechaun, and a Unicorn. Look for it soon!

Melting Butter, my second children’s book, is in work now.  This story features Tater the mouse, Disaster the rival cat, and Jasmine the accomplice. Coming soon!

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  1. Thank you for spotlighting Cecilia Spark ... what a delightful surprise. Wishing you all the success with your new writing venture, n x

  2. I'm looking forward to reading your new book Ngaire!


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