Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Underdogs take on the big dogs...

Too Much Information by David Haskell 

Underdog takes on the big dogs..., September 17, 2013
Reviewed By K. Meador
Rating 3.5 stars out of 5

This is a story of an underdog fighting the big dogs in a world where civilians are hit the hardest. Rob, the lawyer, enters into a fight for survival, truth and justice for his client. With many scratches, bumps, bruises and hard earned education along the way, there will be a day in court.

With modern equipment installed, certain companies manipulate the public without their consent, knowledge or giving any reason why they were declined availability to a flight. The author takes you on a plight to right the wrong that has been done to innocent people who genuinely just want to help others by large companies and the government itself. Lawyers, late night comedy stations, and talk shows all get in on the hot subject of how much is too much information and battling for which side they believe is right.

The author has weaved a tale that is detailed and intricate to the plot. The pace moves at a comfortable rate; the writing is well done. The author did a good job on characterization. I found that some characters were just there...to be there. In my opinion they didn't really add value to the story but added length to the story. I noticed a few out of place point of view shifts and the word "lead" was used instead of "led". Sometimes, I felt, that the story itself had too many details slowing it down.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Truck Stop Paradise

Truck Stop Paradise by Celia Yeary
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Short, but good
Reviewed by K Meador on September 8, 2013 

This is the second book I have read by Author Celia Yeary and I was surprised at the length - shorter than the other book, Texas Promise - that I read but Truck Stop Paradise kept the same quality of Texas Promise.

This book keeps you in suspense of the real conflict but not in a bad way. The suspense helps keep the interest. And the fact that this author touches on a very difficult subject that I think every family, in one way or another, has to deal with. Sometimes it is close to home and sometimes further away but the hurt, and agony that is described here is felt in various degrees of the people who loves one with this issue.

I just wished the story was longer. I would have liked to see Leigh respond to counseling for the enabler part of the story. But I did not rate this book down for that because it is just personal opinion.

The writing is well done, the pace moves forward at a constant speed and their is a feel for the characters that authors everywhere strive to deliver. Well done Author Celia Yeary.

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Hardship, Hope and Survival; A tale to be told

The Night I Danced with Rommel by Elisabeth Marrion
4 out of 5 stars
Hardship, Hope and Survival; A tale to be told 

9 Sep 2013, Reviewed by K. Meador

Children wearing gas masks, concentration camps near towns without German resident's knowledge, hunger and poverty running rapid and the constant fear of bombs and the uncertainty of tomorrow are the underlying connotations of this story. The struggle to survive, the power to love and the despair of grief involve all the characters in this book.

With much of WWII stories that I have read focused on either the actual war events or the concentration camps, it was a fresh perspective to read this account of history from the perspective of a single young woman and then later, as a married woman with young children. Sacrifices were made and the struggle to know the real truth from the propaganda German residents were bombarded with when communication was limited to radio, limited telephone and mail that would take months to reach the recipient, if it ever did.

This is a book that is deftly woven around this woman and her family. Beginning with her parents, siblings and her dreams and then continuing with her husband, friends, and children.

It is a story worth telling and is told well. The reason for the four stars is the errors in grammar and punctuation towards the end of the book. If those mistakes were not there I would give this book a five star rating.

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