Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jolly Green Giant

I do my best not to envy fellow authors who have the means to stay at home and concentrate on their writing career, but every once in a while I see the jolly green giant - jealousy - rear its ugly eye.

I just finished a 65 hour work week and the previous week was 70 hours for a company who doesn't seem to appreciate the long hours, hard work, or the physical strain the long hours put on their employees. The bottom line. That is what is important to them. 

And I was thinking...that is what I need to be focusing on too. Juggling my aviation career with my writing career is very difficult. Because aviation is what pays my bills, I make that career priority when in actuality my love is putting words together to create something special. 

I love meeting the people that I have met on line and developing these into interactive relationships. Some of the relationships has endured for over a year, some has fizzled out, and some are just beginning, but all are important to me. It is part of the writing business that I am missing as my social networking is dwindling due to my long hours in aviation. 

Therefore, I am going to put together an email newsletter to send out to my family, friends, and followers. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter via email, please let me know by contacting me at It will be a monthly newsletter geared to updating you on my writing projects, letting you know about the books I have read and what I would recommend to you. 

I hope that you would enjoy this newsletter without it being a burden. 

Author K. Meador