Friday, April 5, 2013

One Year

On April 3, 2012, my first full length novel, Journey to Freedom, hit cyberspace leaving me in a state of panic, bewilderment, awe, and fear. With this first year behind me, it has been a journey to remember.

I went with traditional publishing with Journey to Freedom, and it took many months to bring this book to fruition instead of the indie route that takes much less time but with the same or even better quality. This blog isn't here to compare the pros and cons of traditional vs indie publishing. It is being written as a memoir of an achievement of a dream.

With one year under my belt - well uh-mm - keyboard, I have to say I never thought the blessings that I would receive would be as many as they are.

I have met and befriended other authors on the same journey as I from all around the world; Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, California, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece and Spain. And the best part of all of these people coming together is this: We may all write in different genres but we have come together to sift through the mud and the grub of writing, editing, publishing and marketing.

We have discussed and sometimes cussed this world of books, writing, editing, broadcasting and marketing. We have laughed, supported and encouraged one another. We have read each others books, gave interviews, wrote honest reviews, blogged and introduced others to others.

In short, we have come together as a unique and diverse team with one goal in mind: becoming a successful, published independent author in a market that is flooded with talented and some not so talented authors.

One year has also given me a chance to see how perseverance overcomes each difficulty that we encounter as authors. Authors - such a formal title when all I really see myself as is a writer. A lover of words. A lover of a story. A lover of creativity.

One year  has brought to me a customer base that I hope will come back for my second full length novel, The Inner Chamber due out later in 2013. In addition, a novella is planned for later in the year but for now that will be kept hush hush as I continue to plug along on The Inner Chamber.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the anthology Their Journey Begins and my poetry book, Transcendence which were published in late 2012.

Thank you my friends, family and fans for making this an exciting, and adventurous first year as a published author.

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Coming 2013

Coming  December 2013 - a novella that will keep you....


  1. Onwards and upwards, K-Trina. Looking forward to the realease of The Inner Chamber ... kudos n x

  2. Congratulations K-Trina - wishing you great sales and success as you accomplish your dream. God Bless.

  3. My mom and mother-in-law were talking about books last weekend and Mom mentioned that she was reading Journey to Freedom. She said it was interesting. And I agree with you about "author", I like the term writer. It's less snooty, haha.


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