Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Track Writing

In an earlier blog post, I discussed marketing strategies. But what do you do about staying on track for releasing your stories?

I have been bad about that. Very bad, really. Until recently. 

I have developed an excel spreadsheet that tracks my progress through my novel. For example, if I wanted to write 50,000 words in 60 days, I would need to write 833.33 words each day. I find that I work better with a daily goal that is attainable. How about you?

I have also taken this one step further and made a chart of it. So now when I enter my daily word written amount, it posts my progress and lets me know if I am ahead or behind of my target goal.

Now, some of you may have already known about this nifty idea but it didn't come to me until I realized I wasn't making as much headway as I wanted to with my work in progress. I liken this to when you sit down and put a budget down to your finances. It becomes an eye opener. And then it becomes a goal tracker. 

So what do you do to keep your writing on track? 


  1. A very good idea. I just plough on and hope for the best, though occasionally I try to be more organised. I'm editing and editing at the moment - driving me mad.

  2. I appreciate your comment Carole - I am finding the use of this chart helpful to keep me on track. Yes, editing is very very monotonous. When is your release date?


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