Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One way my family has fun

Only some of the grandchildren shown here

Family Fun at Christmas

Reflecting back on the Christmas holidays just recently passed, I often stop and wonder about the traditions in other people’s homes. One of the best Christmas traditions we have in our family occurs at my mother and father’s home about a week prior to Christmas Day.

The event is called “Grandma’s Christmas.” Our family is so large that we have stopped exchanging gifts and have started concentrating on food and fun. However, there is this little thing called “the brown paper bag” which is most eagerly anticipated!

Grandma passes out the brown paper lunch sacks stapled at the top and nobody can open theirs until everyone has theirs in hand. 

Anticipation builds as she waits and then yells, “Go!” sending what is usually a quiet home into a frenzy of fun, laughter and activity as papers is ripped apart, packages are opened and what is produced is some kind of nerf toy that brings forth good natured attacks. 

This free for all last about fifteen minutes and at that time, the only tears shed are from laughter and photos are snapped! 

Afterwards, the grandkids are ushered outside to play as the adults clean up.

Grandma’s Christmas would never be the same without the traditional brown paper bags that brings forth gales of laughter and memories lasting a lifetime!


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K-Trina Meador, aka K. Meador