Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Release by Lelani Black

Doctor, Doctor is the fifth book written by the talented LeLani Black. Her other titles include: Private Dancer, Boss with Benefits, Going Greek, and Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom.

Doctor, Doctor is a short novel approximately 55K words and contains explicit levels of sensuality and fully developed love scenes. 

 Since when do millionaire doctors kidnap their housekeepers and hold them for ransom?

They don't. Not really. But when Audrina Lee's slacker brother steals a valuable painting from Dane Love's Hawaiian estate - a man they both work for - the good doctor cooks up a scheme to hold her for counter-ransom!

Audrina can't help but play along with the doctor's ruse, and until the painting is returned, she plans to enjoy every minute of her stay at his beachfront villa.

Surrounded by sea, surf and sun, things start getting toasty between herself and the hunky M.D.. Before too long, Audrina is losing the battle with temptation. Now her heart's about to get stolen, too, because the good doctor is turning out to be one very bad boy.

What readers are saying:

This story is refreshing because although it gives you the expected love plot it has humor, and a group of "Don't quit your day job" criminals.

~ fireworks exploded between the main characters

~ The attractive doctor, the stunning caterer, the hardworking mom, the over indulged brother. Then you add into the mix a thief and the story keeps you interested and in tune with the people in them!

About the Author:
Lelani Black is a multi-published author of sensual contemporary romance and sizzling erotic romance. She grew up in Hawaii and spent many days on island beaches soaking up the sun. She's a lot busier these days raising kids, growing wine grapes, chasing escaped chickens around her yard, and writing erotic spicemances. With a degree in medical administrative studies, she also works as an office administrator.

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