Saturday, December 15, 2012

Author Ngaire Elder Spotlighted!

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark is an adventuresome story suitable for the age group between four and nine years. The Author is from Spain which brings forth different terminology than the United States but the language differences are easily explainable to younger aged children.
The Brimstone Forest is the first book in this collection and finds Cecilia in her backyard at one moment and in the Brimstone Forest in the next. Cecilia has to use her own wits and the help of new found friends to make it back home.
What customers are saying about The Brimstone Forest adventure:
I could tell right away that Cecilia Spark is a character after my own heart. (Amazon review)
This story comes alive with the brilliant illustrations that help bring the vivid characters to life.(Amazon Review)
And when a child gets so interested in a story they want more, you know its a good book! (Amazon Review)
The Mystical Mountains of Terra is the second book in this collection and finds Cecilia bored on a rainy day. But boring doesn't stay long as she finds herself in a race against time to secure the Sceptre of Malvado to is rightful owners. Along the way, she meets up with friends from her first adventure as well as making new ones. Cecilia is having to decide who can be trusted in this adventure of good and evil.
What customers are saying about The Mystical Mountains of Terra:
I will say that the plot for this book was more complex and personally, I found it even more fun than Cecilia's first adventure. (Amazon Review)
Ractus the Armadillo was probably my favorite, maybe because he could be a little grumpy and high-strung, but in a lovable way. (Amazon Review)
From the mountains to the swamps, wizards and minimorphosises, gems and flying rafts, the flow and energy of this story is humorous, consistent and charming. (Amazon Review)
Both books in her series are available in either paperback or e-book format.

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