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Author Mary Ann Bernal Spotlighted!

The Briton and The Dane: Collection
The Briton and the Dane novels bring to life the tumultuous ninth century when the formidable Vikings terrorized the civilized world. The epic adventure runs the gamut of deception, treachery, intrigue and betrayal during a time of war and conquest in Anglo-Saxon Britain.
The Briton and The Dane:
After the last of Rome's legions left Britannia to the mercy of the invading barbarian hordes and before the age of chivalry, when knighthood was in flower and troubadours sang of courtly love, there lived a King whose love for his people and the land left a legacy coveted by his descendants who sought to wear his crown. Travel back in time to the late Ninth Century, to the tumultuous days in the reign of Alfred the Great who successfully defeated the Danish Viking King Guthrum and kept his precious Wessex free from Viking rule. Journey to the Burh of Wareham where Lord Richard oversees the training of Alfred's army; where his children, Stephen, David and Gwyneth, swear fealty to their King and support his vision to build a nation to rival the glory that once was Rome in a land ravaged by war and conquest.
The Briton and The Dane: Birthright
It was a time before chivalry, before knighthood, before the birth of the great Bard.It was long after the Legions of glorious Rome left Britannia to the Barbarian hordes and Hadrian's Wall no longer divided the island that a great King sought to unite the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England. Travel back in time to Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain and the reign of Alfred the Great who successfully repelled the Viking threat and drove the formidable Danish King Guthrum out of his Kingdom of Wessex. Journey throughout Britannia where Lord Richard and his children risk their lives in the service of their King; where treachery and treason threaten the uneasy peace; where the outcome of one battle determines the course of history.
The Briton and The Dane: Legacy
It was a time before England's Golden Age; before Chaucer's poetic tales; before the revered Lionheart took the Crusader Cross; before the legend of Robin Hood. It was after the invading Germanic tribes settled the land and petty chieftains vied for supreme sovereignty that a great King sought to unify the British nation. Travel back in time to Dark Age Britannia and the turbulent reign of Alfred the Great who successfully prevented the Great Heathen Army from conquering his beloved Kingdom of Wessex. Journey throughout a war-ravaged country where Lord Richard and his offspring swear allegiance to a visionary King; where a cultural renaissance not seen since the rule of Charlemagne defies the savagery of barbarian raids; where a decisive sea battle establishes naval supremacy.
What Readers are saying:
a delightful surprise on many fronts
~ The book is a solid package of history, romance, and political intrigue.
~ Mary Ann Bernal is a talented teller of history. She took me back to the days of Alfred the Great- bringing to life believable characters who took the story forward.
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