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Author LaLani Black Spotlighted!

Author LeLani Black

Boss with Benefits

Hot Honolulu bachelor Jack Sloane has finally fallen in love. Problem is, he can't find his woman - a mysterious beauty who showed up after-hours at his Waikiki office and spent one erotic night with him that he'll never forget. How such a sexy beauty could be his frumpy secretary's sister is a mystery. He has to see her again and convince her he's worth more than a one night stand.
Keely St. John has no intention of helping her gorgeous boss locate his fantasy girl. How can she without exposing her secret? It's bad enough she's spent the last three months fantasizing about him while carefully maintaining her drab image. Now her one lusty night with the island tycoon could cost more than just her job and a Boss with Benefits.

Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom

Their marriage of convenience just got complicated. They've fallen in love—with each other! Jiovanni Falcone Every woman he's ever loved has let him down. Jio stands to lose again. He can't give his in-name only wife what she wants the most, and while he longs to share his bed with Golden, his heart belongs to no one. Golden Falcone Raising a toddler and running an organic farm hasn't been a cakewalk for the young Maui coffee grower. For two and half years she's grieved the loss of the man she loved, Enzo, the man who fathered her baby. Her marriage-of-convenience to Enzo's enigmatic brother, billionaire Jiovanni Falcone, was only meant to protect her daughter's inheritance from Enzo's greedy exes. Falling in love wasn't part of the deal. It's high time she thinks about dating again. Trouble is, she's still married. But a moonlit night spent in Jio's arms opens her eyes to what she's been missing. Oh my, my... One taste of his loving, and there's no turning back. Now she can't help falling in love—with her own husband! But as desire fuels their attraction, his secrets will tear them apart. This is Book 1 of Lelani Black's Island Moonlight Collection. Each story in the collection is a stand-alone romance that begins in the hot tropics of Hawaii, and ends in happily ever after. *Fully depicted love scenes, sensual in scope and language. Enjoy!

Private Dancer

Harrison Allandt aches for his sexy-sweet fiancée to crank up the heat in the bedroom. But as he discovers the startling depths of her sensuality, he can't help but wonder what other secrets this picture-perfect beauty is hiding.

Desperate to keep her bikini boutique from going belly-up and struggling to pay for her grandmother's medical care, Jacinta Carr will risk anything. Even taking the stage as one of Honolulu's hottest pole dancers.

But when Harry finds out, will he walk away or will he name his own price--a private dance?

Going Greek

Lingerie model Marigold Laurent arrives in Greece for a much-needed vacation from work and the sweet-talking man who broke her heart. Fate and the machinations of her well-meaning sister ensure that she collides with tall, dark and luscious Dmitri Damianos, forcing her no-men policy right out the window. But can he give her more than one-and-done?

Wealthy entrepreneur, Dmitri, guards his emotions well. And while he wants everything Marigold has to offer--beauty, wit, charm, and the best sex of his life--he can't give her what she really needs. But when the red-hot beauty climbs out of his bed and possibly out of his life, can he let her go?

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  1. Thank you so very much, K Meador, as always for your care and thought in promoting authors!! You are one class act :)

  2. You are very welcome! I enjoyed Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom and am looking forward to reading more. Your other books are on my "to read" list which has been temporarily placed on hold.

  3. So many books not enough time to sit down and read! These sound great.

    1. I understand that Scarlett! I have only read one by Lelani Black but can't wait to read more!


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